IGA Catalogue Christmas Deli Deals 20 – 26 Nov 2019

IGA Catalogue Christmas Deli Sale Nov 2019In most supermarkets, in the world-wide famous ones or the local ones, it doesn’t matter, everyone’s favourite part is the deli department. The cheese, salami, sausage, bacon, ready meals, salads, sandwiches, smoked meat, and more items are usually the best quick foods. We love to fill our fridges with the deli products. In Australia, by 2015, there was a $908.3 million market. And it’s been increasingly growing. People love to buy cheese and stuff. According to IBISWorld, the number of businesses in the deli sector is above 2000. There are negative sides of the supermarkets being the biggest competition against the local producers. The quality of the product decreases when the business shifts towards the capital businesses. However, none can offer the availability that they produce. They also tend to offer more organic products and healthy foods in the past couple of years. IGA seems to be one of those supermarkets. Delicatessens may struggle more in the future but my advice for you is to visit stores who are specialised in the deli products.

In recent years, you might have realised that local deli businesses like delicatessens now focus on the premium products only. That means above-average budgets can buy their products. Supermarkets are more like common places for average budgets in terms of deli products. But, there is always a good deal if you track them carefully every week. Just like today on the IGA Catalogue Christmas deli sale. Twiggy sticks, camembert, salami, and more are available.

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