IGA Catalogue Deals 5 – 11 Jul 2023

Shop what you already would buy and buy them at half prices this week at IGA stores. The catalogue is here to show you the best products. Save on Cold Power, Dairy Milk, Nature’s Way products, and more items. It is an extensive product range. And fresh produce is also available in the new catalogue. Buy beef mince, porterhouse steak, lamb rump steak, and many more items. Bakery delights, deli delights, pantry products, back to school essentials, meal solutions, and more special categories are available in the catalogue. Health & beauty sale is a very well prepared product range. Check out these deals in the IGA Catalogue:

IGA Catalogue Deals 5 - 11 Jul 2023

  • Arnott’s Chocolate Tim Tam Biscuits 165‑200g $2.25
  • Nescafé Coffee Sachets 8-10 Pack Selected $3.80
  • Uncle Tobys Rolled Oats 1kg $3.25
  • Campbell’s Chunky or Country Ladle Canned Soup 495‑505g $2.25
  • Cadbury Ice Cream Tub 460mL $6
  • Mighty Soft Cafe Fruit Loaf $3.50
  • In A Biskit Crackers 160g $1.75

These were selected from the half-price deals in this IGA Catalogue. You can browse dozens of more products in IGA Catalogue Deals 5 – 11 Jul 2023. More offers from the catalogue:

  • Betty Crocker Baking Mix 480‑540g $3
  • Continental Cup A Soup 2 Serve Selected $1.40
  • Continental Superb Stock 1 Litre $2
  • OMO Expert Laundry Liquid 2 Litre, Laundry Powder 2kg or 3in1 Capsule 28 Pack $14.50

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