IGA Catalogue Deals 8 – 14 Jan 2020 | New Half-Price Sale

IGA Catalogue Deals 8 - 14 Jan 2020IGA Catalogue promotes new half-price deals on everyone’s favourite items such as Powerade, Uncle Tobys chewy choc chip, and more products on the first page this week. If you are planning to shop some meat products, this catalogue is also useful in that. Beef porterhouse steak will cost $29. In fact, a bigger part of the fresh products is viewable on pg 2. Try to save with the new deals on that page. Yellow or white peaches will cost $4.50 kg this week at IGA supermarket. Get more deals like IGA Catalogue Deals 8 – 14 Jan with a free subscription to the newsletter.

If you are a cheese lover like me, you might like pg 3 of this IGA Catalogue since it has some decent deals on products like cheddar cheese. Some types of cheese are also great side dishes for dinners. Combine them with your recipes and make great summer tables for the whole family. King Island Roaring 40’s 200g will cost $10 this week. IGA’s snack sale is also one of the tempting sales. Collect your favourites at lower costs.

Some items from IGA Catalogue Deals 8 – 14 Jan 2020:

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