IGA Catalogue February Online New Sale

IGA Catalogue February Online is ready for browse. IGA Catalogue February Online New SaleTo view new IGA Catalogue please go to preview page. New sale is up with the best products of meat, fresh food, canned food, beverage, confectionery. Iga makes you save your money in your pocket. Iga is the best place to shop for general supermarket items. One of the new sale is appearing on pg; 4. New low price of Iga for milk, breakfast items, yogurt and similar sort of products can be found. In store and online sales of IGA are available for you to view here. Please go to stores to shop.
* Green’s Cake or Muffin mix, 2 for $4
* Continental Pasta and Sauce, 80-110g, 3 for $4
* Edgell four bean mix, $1.99
* Devondale long life UHT milk 1 L, $1.29
* Sanitarium so good milk 1L, $2.99

Fresh Food Meat IGA


Iga February last week fresh food will be available here with effective prices until 3rd March. See all bakery, meat, fresh food deals of IGA on pg; 6&7. Iga catalogue offers:
* Tomatoes gourmet, $3.49 pg; 6
* Thompson seedless grapes, $2.99
* Hydroponic Lettuce, $1.69
* IGA Fresh Aussie salad, 120g, $2.49
* Pre Packed brushed potatoes, 4 kg, $4.99 pg; 7
* IGA Baker’s oven chocolate or raspberry lamingtons, 6 pack, $3.69

Foods go with cricket on TV are available on pg;2-3. See more supermarket grocery products.

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