IGA Catalogue Gigantic Sale 12 – 18 Jun 2019 | Grocery and Snacks

Shop your weekly foods needs at IGA supermarket to save with the catalogue prices. Browse the pages of the new IGA Catalogue to see a half-price sale of grocery and snacks. Buy Nestlé Milo for only $3.50 (460g Pack). Fresh fruits and meat are on sale, too. Lamb shanks, beef rump steak, corned silverside, and more are available on pg 2. Buy healthy breads. Top brands of breads like 9 grain bread, white bread, and more are the highlight on pg 3. Shop Gigantic sale of top brands at IGA stores. Buy Continental, Red Bull, and more items at half prices. See pg 4-7 for details of these half-price items.

IGA sells a range of pantry and frozen foods on pg 8-9. Peters original vanilla or Neopolitan is a $.50 saving. Save much more on Doritos chips, Kitkat, and like-class snacks or beverage on pg 9. You can buy soda packs like Coca-Cola or Sprite for $8 (10x375mL). Possibility of finding your favourite sauce or breakfast food on pg 10 is very high. And there are great discounts on that page of the latest IGA Catalogue. Don’t forget to see household items like Sorbent, Viva, Omo laundry liquid, pet foods, etc. The gigantic sale doesn’t end there. Browse these 14 pages of beautiful products of the weekly shopping on the catalogue page.

Snacks and pantry products:

Learn more about the new half-price sale, coffee, and other sales on pg 12-14. IGA always offers low prices, and you can always subscribe to our newsletter to get these in your email.

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