IGA Catalogue Gigantic Sale 17 – 23 Jun 2020

IGA Catalogue Gigantic Sale 17 - 23 Jun 2020New deals of IGA have arrived with a nice catalogue that contains a big sale of grocery, fresh produce, meat, and seafood products. In the new IGA Catalogue, you can easily access price information of this Gigantic Sale. On the first page, you can see Australian beef porterhouse steak that will cost only $17 kg. The catalogue covers similar deals. Snacks and basic grocery products are not forgotten. In fact, the majority of the catalogue consists of them. It’s also possible to spot many half-price deals. One of them is on the first page. IGA Catalogue Gigantic Sale 17 – 23 Jun can be divided into 4 categories. 4 pages, each show a different group of products. The first offer meat. Secondly, you come across with new prices of snacks and soda. In the third page, you have the discounts of some pantry products including baking essentials and canned goods. And finally, you can shop several good deals of frozen foods.

Some deals from IGA Catalogue Gigantic Sale 17 – 23 Jun:

Aussie fresh foods, juicy and thick steak, bakery products, a wide pantry sale are also in the IGA Catalogue this week. Shopping your favourite breakfast foods at IGA, you might save a lot, too. Cereals like Coco Pops and Nutri-Grain are some good deals.

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