IGA Catalogue Gigantic Sale 9 – 15 Oct 2019

Although classic products of an Aussie supermarket are the things to browse in the IGA Catalogue, you should know that deals may be extraordinary this week. IGA catalogue shows how. Gigant sale by IGA shows the half prices on products like Zooper Dooper on the first page. Frantelle Spring Water, Red Rock Deli chips are more are on sale. Australian grown fresh produce is one of the regular sales of almost all grocery catalogues. 2kg of brushed potatoes will cost $3.50. That’s not the cheapest I have found today for this week. Meat sale is also on pg 2. Shop cheese variety such as brie, camembert, and more.

Only prices from IGA Catalogue Gigantic sale:

To diversify your snacks visit one of these catalogues and learn about the deals. Snacks and pantry products are available on pg 9-10. Find more deals including beverage, breakfast foods, and more. Nutella hazelnut spread 750g jar is only $7 on IGA Catalogue.

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