IGA Catalogue Grocery 1 – 7 Jul 2020

Australian Beef economy rump steak is only $16/kg at IGA stores this week. IGA Catalogue Grocery 1 - 7 Jul 2020Shop new deals for 1 – 7 Jul on the new catalogue. They have fresh fruits and meat, too. Grill some juicy steak at home or try a new kind of salad mix. Stir-fry deals are also available in IGA stores. Visit pg 2 for the details of them. Pay $5 to get one of them. Australian beef blade steak will cost $18/kg. IGA Catalogue Grocery 1 – 7 Jul sale also covers cheese deals. Mini camembert or brie cheese will cost only $3.50 this week. Save $1.80 on that cheese. Cleaning supplies are low price everyday deals at this supermarket. In fact, these are not only cleaning products, but they also have personal care products in this category. Have a look at the low everyday prices of Sensodyne toothpaste, Morning Fresh dishwashing liquid, Fairy, and more items.

IGA Catalogue Grocery 1 – 7 Jul has a wide snack range, too. Buy a beverage, canned goods, peanut butter, and similar sort of products. In this catalogue, you have access to the likes of these products. Browse some of the half prices in case you would like to shop at a much lower cost this week.

More half prices in this IGA Catalogue:

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