IGA Catalogue Grocery 15 – 21 Jul 2020

Shop the new Australian fresh food range of the IGA Catalogue this week. IGA Catalogue Grocery 15 - 21 Jul 2020IGA Catalogue Grocery 15 – 21 Jul sale is another step of the sale cycle of the IGA. There are 3 types of IGA catalogues and this one here is more extensive than the Xpress catalogue. You can also find that on the catalogue’s page. The everyday low price range of the store is also one of the promoted deals of the weekly catalogue. Meat, fresh products, snacks, and similar sort of products are available on the first page. Buy Australian beef scotch fillet for only $30/kg. Three products are half-price deals and they appear on the first page.

Shop fresh meat, fruits, and local products in IGA stores. Some of the latest IGA specials are products of these categories and highlighted deals can be viewed on pg 2-3. If you are a fan of cheese, use cheese everywhere possible, and eat some cheese for lunch, check out pg 4. Cheddar, classic cheese, camembert, and more products of the deli & bakery can be found on pg 4.

Low prices every day in IGA Catalogue Grocery 15 – 21 Jul:

IGA Snack Sale and More

Not everything is the basic need list of a day. Buy some snacks to enjoy your evenings. Chips, coke, cookies, and other classic snacks that are teh perfect companions during a good night’s joy. Half-price deals are also available in the IGA snack sale. Visit pg 8-9. Specials of the non-food products are also available in it.

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