IGA Catalogue Grocery 22 – 28 Jul 2020

IGA’s new sale offers a wide range of low prices every day and plenty of half prices. https://www.catalogueau.com/iga/iga-catalogue-22-28-jul-2020-nsw-v2/You can see them all in the new IGA Catalogue grocery 22 – 28 Jul pages. Greenseas tuna, Bulla crunch or choc are three highlighted products that are available on the first page. Australian products like fresh fruits or meat can be purchase at lower costs starting on Wednesday at IGA stores. Products like apples, rockmelon, washed potatoes, and more are all in. Australian brown onion, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach are all on sale this week. Cook chicken this week and lower the cost of your dinner significantly.

IGA Cheese Deals and Pantry Sale

Buy your favourite cheese with IGA Catalogue grocery 22 – 28 Jul deals to save this week. South Cape cream cheese, heritage cheese, green olives, and more tasty products of a deli department can be seen on pg 4. ½ prices can also be found there.

In pantry section, find the high quality ingredients that will improve your chance of creating a delicious meal significantly. Easy mac and cheese, lentils, or plain pasta products are available in this section. You can also renew your breakfast stock at a lower cost.

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