IGA Catalogue Grocery 25 – 31 Dec 2019

Click on the cover page of the IGA Catalogue Grocery 25 – 31 Dec sale on the right to see the full list of the deals today. The deals are valid for one week. Deli, meat, bakery products are available on this catalogue. Ham and cheese from a classic selection that consists of high-quality items only. You have salads, camembert, salami sliced, and more products there. IGA is one of the best places to buy some deli cheese. Learn about bread prices, too. Also, snacks and drinks will be on sale this week. Now, those might be important because they will be consumed too much during the New Year celebration. Buy Gatorade, Coke, and Cadbury products.

Shop some pantry and breakfast foods to refill your kitchen cabinet. Have a look at the price range by IGA for the products like Moccona coffee, Nescafe gold, L’OR coffee capsules, Kraft Easy Mac, SPC, Gravox, and more products. Bega block or sliced cheese, and many more products. Greek yogurt is also a part of this category. This IGA Catalogue is not just a grocery sale. Non-food offers like personal care products are also possible to encounter this week.

IGA Catalogue Grocery 25 – 31 Dec prices for some pantry products and fridge food:

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