IGA Catalogue Grocery Sale 17 – 23 Jul 2019

Aussie fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat sale, deli, and bakery products are in the latest IGA Catalogue Grocery Sale 17 – 23 Jul. Check out the promotional low prices of every day or weekly prices. Australian beef rump steak is one of the promoted products on the first page. Pay only $18 per kg of that steak at IGA stores. You have 4 half-price deals on the same page. IGA has fresh meat and produces on pg 2-3. July is the time for Aussie mandarins. Pay $3/kg for Mandarins. Also, Community Co. products are available on the catalogue. Community Co. Asian salad kit will be $4. Buy meat products like beef rump steak, BBQ beef blade steak or roast, and fish on pg 3. IGA Catalogue offers a variety of bakery products like muffins, cupcakes, bread, and deli products on pg 4-5. Buy muffins of 4 pack for $3.70. 3 Day Sale will take place and you can save on deli or fresh products on 19 – 21 Jul. Shop Morning Fresh and San Remo at half prices. More half-price deals are also available.
Restock snacks like chips and confectionery using the deals on pg 12-13. Cadbury favourites, Twirl, Smit’s and CC’s are viewable in this snack sale. Low Prices Everyday range is available on pg 11. Get more products of future IGA Catalogues subscribing free to the newsletter.

½ prices:

Snacks and candies:

More categories of half-price deals are available on IGA Supa Catalogue. Non-food categories like household cleaning supplies, baby care, health and beauty, pet products, and more are featured items.

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