IGA Catalogue Grocery Sale 3 – 9 Jul 2019 | Half-Price Deals

IGA has new half-price deals on snacks and pantry products. Discover the new ones on the cover page of the new catalogue. Buy Kleenex, Leggo’s pasta sauce, Arnott’s TimTam, Greenseas at half price this week. IGA Catalogue presents new price range of fresh produce, meat, deli, and bread packs on pg 2-3. For example, you pay $8/kg for Iga corned silverside starting on Wednesday. Lowe prices every day for the bread types on pg 3. Browse a range of fridge food and pantry items. In the same pages, you can see a list of popular Aussie snacks. Teevee, Arnott’s Jatz, Cadbury Twirl, and more are among the items you can view there.
IGA collected some fridge foods including ice cream tubs. Buy Connoisseur ice cream for only $7.50 to save $2.50. Renew your stocks of frozen meals. Simple foods can save your time and money at certain conditions. One of the good ones is On the Menu slow cooked lamb that is $5 this week at IGA supermarket. The online digital catalogue has also a part of non-food products such as personal care products and household essentials. It’s vital to take a look at these discounts when you want to become a frugal shopper. Sometimes they cost a lot, particularly the chemical laundry products. IGA has some deals on them, too. Pay half for the Finish starting on Wednesday.

½ prices by IGA Catalogue 3 – 9 Jul:

IGA has also these catalogues:

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