IGA Catalogue Half-Price 17 – 23 May 2023

IGA Catalogue has a great half-price sale but that’s not all for sure. You can make home burgers with premium beef mince that will cost only $16 per kg this week. IGA has them on the first page in the catalogue. Also, you can see a range of products from different categories and they will cost half only. omo ultimate, Cadbury Dairy Milk, TRESemmé Shampoo, and more products are participating in that sale. Cook a delicious meal with meat or fresh produce and save a lot. The winter sale is here, too. Buy soup and other favourites of winter season from the IGA Catalogue Half-Price 17 – 23 May sale.

IGA Catalogue Half-Price 17 - 23 May 2023

  • Arnott’s Chocolate Biscuits or TeeVee Snacks 160-250g $2.25
  • Nescafé Coffee Sachets 6-10 Pack $3.80
  • Darrell Lea Chocolate Block 160-180g $2.50 pg 2
  • Oreo Cookies 131-147g $1.25
  • OMO Expert Laundry Liquid 2 Litre, Powder 2kg or 3in1 Capsule 28 Pack $14.50
  • Cadbury Ice Cream Tub 460mL $6
  • TRESemmé Shampoo or Conditioner 940mL 50% off

Winter favourites from the IGA Catalogue 17 – 23 May 2023:

  • Campbell’s Condensed Canned Soup 400-430g $2
  • Sourdough Baguette $5
  • Continental Superb Stock 1 Litre $2
  • Vicks VapoDrops 24 Pack $4.70
  • Vicks Pocket Pack Inhaler 0.5mL $7.60
  • Codral Relief Cold & Flu + Decongestant Tablets 20 Pack
  • Nurofen Caplets 24 Pack $6

Shop chips, candies, Coke, coffee, and more products in the new catalogue. You will be able to save a lot on the breakfast cereals, too. Make a delicious dinner with the combination of Cobram Estate Australia extra virgin olive oil and Continental Classics or Rice. They both cost half this week. Save 50% off Décor microsafe red round container. IGA Catalogue could be in your email if you subscribed to the newsletter.

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