IGA Catalogue Half-Price 5 – 11 Feb 2020

IGA Catalogue Half-Price 5 - 11 Feb 2020Most people look for the half-price deals first in these IGA Catalogues. Mostly, a half-price deal is better than a Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal. Simply, you may not need the second of the same item but you need the first but it’s for the half price. The cover page of the catalogue promises a nice product range inside it. Old El Paso soft taco kit, Cherry Ripe and Twirl appears to be half-price deals. Also, you can see new prices of white seedless grapes, Mainland tasty block cheese, and more items on the page. More of the IGA Catalogue half-price 5 – 11 Feb range is available on pg 2-3. Consisting of two important categories; snacks and pantry products. See chips, belVita biscuits, Fountain tomato sauce, and similar items of their categories on pg 2-3. Most of them will cost half.

When you spend $30 in-store you can have a chance to win a prize. It’s 1 in 5 at IGA stores. Shop frozen food products for quick dinners at home. You can stock up some while there is a half-price deal on Herbert Adams pies 400-420g selected varieties on pg 4.

Shop fresh meat, deli products, bakery items, soft beverage, snacks, canned goods in pantry, and many more. View all the items conveniently in the new catalogue. IGA offers half prices for Old El Paso products on pg 14. They have a big range of frozen pizza, too. In the frozen section, a lot of quick meal ideas are waiting for you.

From IGA Catalogue Half-Price 5 – 11 Feb:

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