IGA Catalogue Half-Price Sale 13 – 19 Sep 2023

Browse the new products in IGA Catalogue Half-Price Sale 13 – 19 Sep. You can shop products like Red Bull, Natural Chip Co., Connoisseur ice cream, and others in the half-price sale. Footy Finals are here. Shop snacks that will be perfect to have around while you are watching your favourite games. Smith’s, Doritos, Twirl, Red Rock Deli chips, and many others are featured deals in the footy finals section. You can buy Cadbury Twirl pack for only $3.50. Two great categories where you can find delicious dinner and lunch ideas in the catalogue are fresh produce and meat sale. Beef Rump Steak is only $20 per kg.

IGA Catalogue Half-Price Sale 13 - 19 Sep 2023

Check out these half-price deals in IGA Catalogue

  • Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream 4‑6 Pack $4.75
  • The Natural Chip Co. Chips 150‑175g $2.35
  • Darrell Lea or Life Savers Share Pack 120‑280g $2.45
  • Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream 427-458mL $7.25
  • Cold Power Laundry Liquid 1.8‑2 Litre or Powder 1.8‑2kg $12

Explore the new snack deals from the Footy Finals section:

  • Cadbury or Pascall Marshmallows Share Pack 144-280g $3.50
  • Smith’s Chips or Doritos Corn Chips 90‑170g $3.50
  • Primo Wood Smoked Rindless Short Cut Bacon 175g $3
  • Bulla Creamy Classics or Sandwich Ice Cream 4 Pack $4.50
  • Peters Drumstick 4‑6 Pack 2 for $12
  • McCain Family Pizza 490‑500g $6.80

Many more are available in the new IGA Catalogue. If you subscribe to the newsletter of catalogueau.com, you can get more of these deals in emails. See more items in IGA Catalogue Half-Price Sale 13 – 19 Sep 2023 to make sure you pay the lowest price for your needs of the week.

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