IGA Catalogue Half-Price Sale 4 – 10 Mar 2020

IGA Catalogue Half-Price SaleBig deal sale goes on at IGA supermarket this week, too. New half prices are available for you to see. That might be a convenient thing for customers to make their shopping list because they have a lot of IGA Catalogue half-price sale items for 4 – 10 March. Also, these are not only food products from the grocery range. Half-price deals on Greenseas tuna and Cadbury favourites on the first page might give you an idea about the content inside. Shop more half prices on snacks on pg 2-3. They have deals on rice, canned goods, coffee, and more including practical quick foods.

Get your probiotics from yogurt and fill your fridge with some delicious frozen foods. McCain family pizza, Western Star butter pat, Peters Drumsticks, and more products are available in the new range. Big deal sale will allow most people to shop at much lower costs this week. Shop fresh-cut meat, bread, and more snacks in the IGA Catalogue Half-Price Sale 4 – 10 Mar 2020.

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