IGA Catalogue Huggies Nappy Pants Half-Price 26 Jul 2019

As you may already know, IGA announces the specials on the catalogues, too. Huggies ultra-dry nappy pants will be available for $8 which is better than half-price. You save $9 on that product if you buy it on 26 July. IGA Market day specials are available on IGA Catalogue 24 – 30 July 2019. Market day deals are only valid on 26th Jul. Huggies is only one of the deals from this part of the catalogue. Coca-Cola and Moccona are both in this range, too. Check out these products of IGA Market Day on pg 5-8.

Save on your regular grocery shopping sessions to realise how much you possibly waste your money without the deals. For example, go to the cover page of the latest IGA Catalogue for 4 half-price deals. Ending up in another store without these deals would be a pitty regarding the deals by supermarkets like IGA. Use the IGA Catalogues to see these savings every Monday.

Browse cheese, fresh meat, fruits, and low-price bread variety on pg 2-3. 7 different bread products of various brands are healthy choices since most of them know consider the GI value and whole grain. One of these breads, Tip Top 9 grain bread, will cost $3.40. Consume this kind of bread to keep your diet balanced and lower the amount of sugary things in your life so that your body can keep being fit.

You can buy these at IGA on Wednesday for these prices:

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