IGA Catalogue Low Prices Every day 4 – 10 Dec 2019

IGA Catalogue Low Prices Every day 4 - 10 Dec 2019

Christmas Catalogue sales intensify as we are closer to the end of the year. Only three weeks left for the Christmas Eve. We have been talking about sales since October. Major supermarkets start to publish their deals on Christmas products in October every year. Then Halloween comes, then Black Friday, and eventually the final big sales are Christmas and Boxing day. Usually, all department stores or supermarkets have something related to these special days. Apart from Christmas, most of them are not the biggest things in Australia, however, there are still good deals for deal hunters. I believe you can find more savings as you track the catalogues. You can always subscribe to IGA Catalogue to get emails about future grocery sales.

This week’s one of the important promotions is the low prices every day tag in the new IGA Catalogue 4 – 10 Dec. The deals on beverage, sauces, snacks, candies, and personal care products are available on pg 2-5. After that, you can have a look at the promoted products of the Christmas hams and meat range on the IGA CAtalogue. Shop chicken, lamb, ham, and more on pg 6&7. IGA also supports Australian people in need because of the drought. You can purchase a $2 gift token at IGA. Christmas also means togetherness and solidarity in the community. Supermarkets are aware of that and they also participate and promote their campaigns through these catalogues

½ prices on the IGA Catalogue cover page:

IGA Catalogue Low Prices Every Day:

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