IGA Catalogue Sale 03 June 2015 All Products

24 pages of savings from IGA Catalogue sale 03 June 2015. IGA Catalogue Sale 03 June 2015 All ProductsCheck out the deals from this big IGA Catalogue. Fresh food products including healthy offers, meat products and packed meat items, great savings on bakery, your favourite snacks, chips, chocolates, soft drinks, soda and top brands, breakfast products such as cereals, canned food products and simple meals for quick serve, dairy products that have always been popular at supermarkets and household products of top brands.

IGA Supa Catalogue Products and Prices Valid Through 09 June 2015

Fresh products, avocado and similar healthy products pg; 2.
Fresh meat items, packed seafood and recipe of “simple chilli beef tacos with fresh tomato salsa”.
Silverside meat, primo cobanassi and more meat pg; 3.
Bakery items, fingers, rolls and more pg; 4.
Chocolate brands, Doritos chips, Sprite and more drinks pg; 5.
Breakfast products, cereals, Nutella, milk, jam and nutritious products pg; 6.
Nutella&Go $2.49 each pg; 7.
Tuna fish canned, Old El Paso shells and packed food products including simple meals pg; 10&11.
Dairy products, cheese variety, milk, yoghurt pg; 12&13.
McCain roasts, Lean Cuisine rich beef lasagne or your choice, Hot Chips and more simple packed food on pg; 14&15.
Household items, personal care products, baby care items, laundry detergent, liquid, Duracell batteries, pg; 16-21.

Half price specials of the IGA Catalogue are also available on the catalogue on the last page. For more catalogues please go to the main page.

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