IGA Catalogue Sale 10 May 2016 | IGA Half Prices

IGA Catalogue 10 May 2016 does not only contains a regular weekly items of food and groceries. Items on this catalogue are great help to save on regular groceries.

IGA Catalogue Sale 10 May 2016

IGA offers fresh fruits and veggies on pg 2. Hass Avocados, peach, orange, potato, tomato, soup pack, mushroom and salad packs with great savings. On pg 3 seasonal meat deals. Recipe of Beef Straganof with only 4 ingredients on the same page.

AUTUMN FRESH products including BBQ chicken, Black & Gold products on pg 6-7:

SNACKS that are awesome enough to make you happy instantly at IGA Catalogue pg 8&9 have also half priced items. CHECK OUT details of prices of Schweppes, Coke, Sprite and Gatorage on pg 10-11. All the soft Drink beverage prices can be browsed on pg 10.

Deals on FROZEN FOOD and all essentials from price match sale of IGA Catalogue can be browsed on pg 18-19. HALF PRICE sale of products like Patties mini combo pack are quick food that guarantee no time wasting. Don’t miss out these great deals by IGA.

HOUSEHOLD AND CHEMICALS featuring top brands of your favourites might also be found on IGA’s local stores. HALF PRICE deals on these products as well. Check out dental care products, baby care products, shampoo, conditioner and many more.

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