IGA Catalogue Sale 12 – 18 Feb 2020

IGA Catalogue Sale 12 - 18 Feb 2020IGA has the new half prices of snacks and starting on the very first page, you may be able to buy them. Like other major stores, IGA offer prizes and rewarded purchases promoting the deals through these catalogues. Win spending $30 at IGA in-store. Among the participating items, there are half-priced items, too. Visit pg 3-4 for the categories of snacks, breakfast, and grocery products. Buy coco pops or Nutri-grain for $5.50 this week. Subscribe to IGA Catalogue to hear from such deals.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who don’t like cooking and wasting time because the result is always the same. For those people there are restaurants but constantly eating out is really expensive for anyone. At the end of the day, you should have something to cook at home. Frozen foods or ready meals like Kraft Easy Mac 4 pack are always sold at affordable prices at stores like IGA. Follow the catalogue and always hear from such deals.

Meat sale:

Valentine’s Day treats:

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