IGA Catalogue Sale 22 – 28 Apr 2020

IGA Catalogue Sale 22 - 28 Apr 2020Shop essentials at lower costs at IGA. Pay half for Pantene shampoo, save on Fanta or Coca-Cola, and wash your clothes with Omo at lower costs. Mud cake, sliced ham, snacks, and ready meals are basically what you can find on pg 2. Enjoy your home time with some mud cake and packaged foods. Find easy foods by IGA. Heinz soup, Maggi recipe base, Kellogg’s Sultana bran, Praise dressing, and more items are available at lower costs. Most people have lots of snacks and beverages at home. Red Bull energy drink, Pringles Chips, Cadbury chocolate, and similar sweets or salty snacks are in the IGA snack sale. IGA Catalogue Sale 22 – 28 Apr 2020 consists of 9 pages. But there is also an IGA Xpress Catalogue.

A good idea is to fill your fridge with some frozen foods or dairy products. Yogurt is a great product although it doesn’t last very long. But if you buy in small packs, they will go at least a month or two. When you open a yoghurt pack it’ll be best for 1-2 days tops.

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