IGA Catalogue Sale 26 Feb – 3 Mar 2020

IGA Catalogue Sale 26 Feb - 3 Mar 2020IGA Catalogue Sale 26 Feb – 3 Mar contains a new big deal sale. You have got to see the prices of big deal sale by the latest IGA Catalogue. TeeVee, Dairy Milk, Coke, Skittles, Snickers, Mexican Food Kit, Canola oil, and many more products are participating items in the big deal sale. You will be able to buy them at half prices starting on Wednesday this week. Everybody needs probiotics nowadays. Greek yoghurt is one of the best products a farm can offer you if you need probiotics. Farmers Union Greek yoghurt will cost $4. You can find more dairy products in the IGA big deal sale. If you don’t like to spend time cooking, frozen foods are always possible to find at a good price. They are definitely cheaper than eating out. Four ‘N Twenty party pies or sausage rolls can be great side dishes, too. Also, non-food items are available in this part of the catalogue. Shop laundry chemicals and Dove roll-ons at half prices this week.

IGA Catalogue Sale 26 Feb – 3 Mar (Big Deal Sale Items with only ½ prices):

Household products at half prices:

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