IGA Catalogue Seafood for Lent 6 – 12 Mar 2019

IGA Sale on seafood products are recommended for lent. IGA has half-price deals on these products. Browse all these items such as Birds Eye Ocean selections skin on Atlantic salmon fillets, Global premium salt & pepper squid, global seafood prawn ring, and more on pg 17. If you want to begin Lent stock up these products. IGA Catalogue shows many good offers from different categories. You can always find a good food offer in the digital catalogues. IGA’s weekly discounts also cover dairy products. Buy Tamar Valley Greek yoghurt for only $5 this week. Pauls farmhouse gold chocolate or vanilla custard, Charlie’s Quencher or Honest Juice 2L, Mildura fruit drink 2L, and much more will be your options to buy from the dairy and juice section. IGA has also more fridge foods. Follow the IGA Catalogue by a subscription to get emails of the updates. Don’t forget to check out the catalogue pages. Some of the good deals from this IGA Catalogue seafood for Lent:

More offers:

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