IGA Catalogue Specials 12 May 2015

IGA Catalogue Specials 12 May is the specials range of this week.IGA Catalogue Specials 12 May 2015


Weekly specials of IGA make our food need to be met with the best prices in which we can save a huge amount of the budget. This week meat department have great specials. The catalogue was published yesterday. Bakery, snacks, beverage, chocolates, packed simple meals, frozen food, winter food, dairy products such as yoghurt and cheese varieties, deli products, and household needs. You can find top quality laundry liquids for the lowest prices. Also see latest specials of Coles and Woolworths for your weekly shopping. Take a look at three of them and compare the prices. Coles got an amazing meat selection this week and Curtis Stone has got new recipe. Also 4 other cooks have their original recipes in Coles Catalogue. On the cover page of IGA Catalogue we can see:
Heinz full of beanz or Heinz sphagetti $0.97 each.
Arnott’s Shapes.
Greanseas Tuna in oil $0.97
Kirks Soft Drink.
They are half price specials by IGA Catalogue. Please visit official page of IGA for online shopping.


From today you can shop for these prices of meat department until 19 May 2015. Don’t miss out a great chance for saving in the second week of May 2015.
Imperial Mandarins $2
Rockmelons 2 for $5
Pre packed baby Roma truss tomatoes 275g 2 for $6
Broccolini 2 for $4
Apples $2.99
This is the largest range of catalogues for fresh groceries in this week. IGA has got the variety of greatest number.

Meat Sale

Check out chops, beef, steak and sausages of IGA Catalogue Specials 12 May.
Beef rump steak $9.99
Beef porterhouse steak $17.99
Australian Lamb loin chops $17.99
Fresh chicken thigh fillets $10.99
Whole chicken $3.99
Check out recipe of Beef Sausages with Pasta which is a simple and delicious recipe for a quick day. More meat products are available in pg; 4. See bakery on pg; 5.
Snacks and beverage on pg; 6&7. Coca-Cola, Sprite, Doritos, Smith’s, Lipton Ice tea and many more products you love.

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