IGA Catalogue Specials 15 Jul 2015

View latest IGA Catalogue Specials 15 Jul – 21 Jul 2015.IGA Catalogue Specials 15 Jul 2015 July offers of IGA are focused on the weekly needs of food. Half price products are available on the first page of the online catalogue. Australian original meat products and packaged snacks are featured on the catalogue.
IGA offers new prices for favourite snacks and juice products on the latest specials range. Check out this new catalogue on the preview page. IGA Catalogue specials 15 Jul categories are listed below.

Featured Products From IGA Catalogue Specials 15 July

Pepsi or Schweppes 24x375mL $10.99
CC’s corn chips 175g $1.59
Arnott’s shapes $1.47
Radiant laundry liquid $5.99
Kleenex cottenelle white toilet rolls $5.99
Australian beef t-bone steak $16.99

Package Meat products and breakfast products are viewable on pg 2. See soft drink beverage and energy drinks from various brands on pg 3. Some of the product from this section of the IGA Catalogue are:

Smith’s and Kettle chips 2 for $5
Pods confectionery and M&M $2.99
Coca Cola 2 L 2 for $6
Just Juice $2.79
Cadbury Dairy Milk 350g $4.49
Twisties cheese 2 for $3
Mother Energy Drink 4×500 mL $5.99
Brecko milk UHT 6x250mL $4.49

See new prices of canned food products and simple meals on pg 4. This catalogue is absolutely great for those who want to save a little more on weekly shoppings.

Continental Rice, Pasta and sauce 2 for $2
Campbell’s chunky beef canned soup 2 for $4
Nutri grain Kellog’s $5.99
Nescafe Cappucino $7.99

From pg 5 you can browse the catalogue for the personal care items, household items and chemical cleaning products.

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