IGA Christmas Sale 8 – 14 Nov 2023

IGA Christmas Sale 8 – 14 Nov 2023 is a great catalogue if you are looking to buy things at half prices. They are really good deals simply because they enable you to double your shopping budget. You can literally apply the strategy of buying only the items that will cost half their regular prices. I know some deal hunters do that or at least they focus on the products that have a good bargain only. Save on treats and snacks in this catalogue. Cadbury chocolate, dairy milk gift box, Toblerone, Maltesers and more items will be ½ price deals. IGA Catalogue 8 – 14 Nov is your guide to the best deals this week regarding Christmas products.

IGA Christmas Sale 8 - 14 Nov 2023

  • ½ price Cadbury favourites, V Energy Drink, Connoisseur, Lynx
  • ½ price Oreo cookies, Omo Laundry Liquid, The natural Chip co. chips, Colgate Advanced Whitening or MaxFresh Toothpaste
  • ½ price Toblerone chocolate, Maltesers Gift Box, Cadbury Roses, Cadbury Dairy Milk
  • ½ price Real Foods rice or corn thins, Doritos, Smith’s, Coca-Cola
  • Lamb Forequarter Chops $14 kg
  • SunRice Medium Grain White Rice ½ price
  • Ingham Frozen Whole Turkey $19.95

There is more in this catalogue. Shop personal care and household items at half prices. SARD Wonder Stain Remover is one of the new half-price deals. Don’t forget to see IGA Christmas Sale 8 – 14 Nov 2023 before you buy groceries or Christmas treats this week.