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You can buy IGA Gift Cards on this page. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas or Birthdays might be suitable to buy an IGA Gift Card. You can get $10, $20, $50, $100, $200, $250 IGA gift cards currently. You might think who would buy a grocery gift card as a birthday gift. Regarding the situation of the whole world and the importance of groceries right now, the first think I would think as a gift would be related to essential needs. COVID-19 caused millions of restaurants to shut their doors and more than millions have left their jobs. Vulnerable and elderly people might seek help and a $100 IGA gift card would mean a lot to them.

When you buy these gift cards, they will ship it. They come from Melbourne. According to the site, it comes in 5 business days but if you stay in a remote area, that might take longer. Note that a shipping fee also exists. Besides, IGA doesn’t only sell grocery products.

IGA has priority for vulnerable people. With the IGA’s Priority Shop contactless delivery is possible. They’ll pick your order and pack them. You should call 1800 018 384 or register online. Click here to see who is eligible. Woolworths now has a community pick up service. It’s an interesting service, too. You pick your order on behalf of someone else. This way, bulky shopping for communities is also easier.

Also, check out the latest IGA Catalogue.

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