IGA Grocery 11 Dec Sale | New Christmas Catalogue Products

IGA Grocery 11 Dec SaleIGA offers new half-price deals on the first page of the catalogue. Christmas grocery sales most promote the snacks and treats but the essentials of a household in a week can also be found in these catalogues. For example, IGA Catalogue shows the price of yellow or white nectarines on the first page. You can browse ice cream, meat, fresh produce, cheese, and more products on the catalogue for a good price. Primo Salami 200g will cost $6. But also, don’t miss out the snack sale. A wide range of snacks is also available on this catalogue. You can purchase medium bars of KitKat and Milkybar for half price this week. IGA Grocery 11 Dec sale covers all the products on the list below. Moreover, you can subscribe to get emails about these deals.

Restock the essentials at lower costs. What you need is to discover new things and prices all the time. One of the obvious sales to see is household products. Palmolive, Brut Deodorant, Golden Circle fruit drink, and more will cost half.  My favourite part of this catalogue is the fresh sale on pg 2. However, all the items are worth seeing. Also, considering subscribing to the newsletter to get emails.

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