IGA Grocery Specials 1 – 7 Jan 2020 | Catalogue Deals

IGA Grocery Specials 1 - 7 Jan 2020 | Catalogue DealsBrowse the IGA Catalogue for new deals like half prices in the first week of 2020. Products like beef t-bone steak, half-price deals, fresh produce, and more will be in your shopping basket. In the meat section, you can find fillets, steak, beef patties, and more. The same part of the catalogue also shows other fresh products. Buy seedless watermelon for only $1.20. Nothing beats the refreshment of juicy watermelon in the summertime. Among all the likeable foods, I like deli products the best. Cheese is an essential of my breakfast or lunch I didn’t eat in the morning. South Cape club cheddar cheese, Lemnos organic haloumi, primo cabanossi, Tip Top muffins, and more products are your options this week at IGA supermarket. IGA Grocery specials are not only essential foods.

Entertainment is a big part of the latest catalogue. In fact, you can find more half-price deals in this category. Buy snickers, mars and m&m’s for half prices this week. Wait for Wednesday when these deals will be valid. The details of the new prices of household and pantry products are available on pg 6. Shop Sorbent, Colgate, Pedigree pet foods, and more on that page. IGA grocery specials have an interesting fruit & nut range, too. Community Co special fruit & nut range can bring some tasty products to your nights.

Check out these IGA Grocery specials 1 – 7 Jan half-price deals:

More deals from IGA Catalogue 1 – 7 Jan:

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