IGA Half-Price and Market Day Deals 16 – 22 Oct 2019

Here are new half-price deals from this week’s IGA Catalogue. Half prices are probably the most profitable discounts of this catalogue. Buy Powerade, Mars chocolates, Connoisseur ice cream, and Sorbent for half the regular cost this week. Fresh meat and produce are going to be in your discount list. IGA sells premium quality bread for everyday low prices. Buy packaged food and ice cream on pg 4. Magnum classic tub 440mL will cost $6 this week. The logic of most catalogue deals usually is based on stocking up while there are good deals. When there are multiple-buy offers costumers tend to buy their essential needs and stock them. IGA Market Day deals are available on pg 5. Shop fresh produce, canned goods, and cheese variety at lower prices. Coca-Cola 30x375mL will cost $19.57 and that’s better than half price.
Snack-pantry range of IGA Catalogue 16 – 22 Oct may also be interesting for regular shoppers. Gigantic Sale covers discounts on Schweppes, Sprite, Fanta, KitKat, Cadbury medium bars, and more on pg 9.

IGA Half-Price and Market Day Deals:

Market Day:

Weekly catalogues are useful when you want to see the entire list of important deals at once. Obviously, you can find them on the online sites but browsable content makes it easier for most. Besides, these are the choices of the supermarket. Consider buying your non-food items like bathroom consumables, beauty products, health care, and more on pg 11. IGA Gigantic sale has more half prices on pg 12. Subscribe to the email list and get more deals like this. Alternatively, you can follow our social accounts.

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