IGA Half-Price Sale 30 Aug – 5 Sep 2023

Father’s Day sale is the first page of the new IGA Catalogue. You can buy treats for this special day. Browse the catalogue to see CC’s, Pascall Jubes, Peters Drumsticks, and more products on the new catalogue. You can browse these half-price deals to buy a small gift for your Father and still save more. IGA saves half of your budget when you wanna buy snacks, too. CC’s chips, Peters Drumsticks, Powerade, Pascall products, and more are featured deals in the snack section where you have a lot of half-price deals. Super Dad sale covers some brunch foods, too. The easiest idea there is the White Wings Pancake Shaker which will cost only $2.50 this week.

IGA Half-Price Sale 30 Aug - 5 Sep 2023

  • ½ price Cadbury products
  • ½ price CC’s, The Natural Party Mix, Peters Drumstick, Powerade, Coke, and more
  • ½ price Peters Drumsticks, Powerade, Coke, and more products
  • Super Dad sale with brunch ideas: Primo Short Cut, White Wings, Nannas, and more products
  • Deli products: large BBQ chicken, Father’s Day Mud Cake, and more
  • Low Prices Every Day: Vittoria Espresso Coffe Beans, Yoplait Yogurt, McCain Healthy Choice, and more

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