IGA Price Match Promise

IGA Price Match PromiseLearn about IGA Price Match. Hundreds of products are guaranteed to be offered at the lowest price possible at IGA. That actually means IGA already did the deal hunting, listed all the lowest prices, and has beaten all of them to offer the lowest price for that particular product. In Australia, retail is a really competitive area of business. Stores like Bunnings, Mitre 10, Stratco, and more home improvement brands generally offer the lowest guaranteed prices, too. It’s really safe to shop in these stores in terms of costs. This way, you would know that you are paying the best possible price. But if most stores offer this guarantee, then which one should you prefer? It’s easier than anything! You should go to the store that has the greatest number of these products. IGA supermarket has 100s of them. Imagine that IGA online shop offers several thousand products. That means, less than 10% of their online product range may have guaranteed the lowest prices. But in our world, the major supermarkets are already everywhere. If you find a Coles store somewhere, there would probably be a Woolworths store nearby, too.

IGA stores are independent supermarkets. Compared to big retailers, they are more local. Community-based supermarkets choose tho share the revenue with the people who work with them. Also, you should know that guaranteed prices are only available in participating stores. The prices are matched to the Coles and Woolworths shelf prices. If you go to this page and enter your postal code, the page will find your nearest IGA Price Match store. You can also check out IGA Catalogue to find the latest discounts every week.

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