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Apple’s claim about the new phone continues to come. Apple’s patent application gives new tips about the iPhone 8 and other models. Here are the dates that iPhone 8 will introduce and the features that might be included in the device. Apple’s new phone, the iPhone 8 series, is in production. The new square shot at one of the Foxconn factories shows the much anticipated device during production.


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Looking at the latest information, the new iPhone model will be one of the most unlikely features of the device. According to iOS developer Guilherme Rambo’s claim, the iPhone 8 will have a sensor that will detect the user’s face and turn off notifications. In other words, one of the most complaints of users is the notification alert, which will be history with this technology. According to John Gruber, the company will drop out of S-models after this year. According to Gruber’s claim, which closely follows the technology giant, the company will release phones that carry the names of the iPhone Plus and iPhone Pro after the iPhone 7S, which will be introduced next month.  The location of the Touch ID sensor on iPhone 8 is clearly visible with a new leaked image.


iPhone 8 Rumors 2


In the past few days, US-based technology giant Apple has mistakenly confirmed the feature on the iPhone 8, which has not been introduced yet and has been claimed by dozens of claims. Apple has confirmed the design and face recognition of iPhone 8 with the software it offers for developers for HomePod. Steve Troughton, who has not reviewed the software, has found evidence of face recognition in iPhone 8. New details about the iPhone 8 continue to emerge from Apple’s inadvertent Apple HomePod firmware.

If you look at accidentally broadcasted codes, the iPhone 8 will be able to record 4K videos at 60 frames per second with both front and rear camera. Apple recently released an explanation about the iPhone 8, which was leaky. Explanation that closely related to the technology world was made by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, the company’s most authoritative name.

Speaking about the company’s financial situation, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook signalled that contrary to the claims, the new iPhone model will not be delayed and the launch will take place in September.

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