Jaycar Catalogue Sale 26 Feb – 8 Mar 2020 | New Catalogues

Jaycar Catalogue Sale 26 Feb - 8 Mar 2020Buy freezers at Jaycar this week for the prices given on the first page. They have cool products for cooling your fresh fruits and drinks. Take these with you and never run out of cold drinks during your trip. They have three different portable freezers/fridges on the cover page. One of the Jaycar Catalogue issues of the week is focused on touring and outdoor activities and possibly essential products regarding the categories of electrical devices. That also includes project tools and professional equipment. For example, you can find an auto-ranging multimeter. For your touring activities, there are radio devices for easy and quick communication. Always stay connected with your mates. .5W UHF handheld radio will cost $19.95. And sorts of radios are available on the latter pages. View the price range of Jaycar Catalogue Sale 26 Feb – 8 Mar and discover a new type of products this week.

Items of Jaycar Catalogue Sale 26 Feb – 8 Mar

Jaycar Catalogue offers professional tools and energy solutions. You can find a 12V fixed solar panel starting at a price of $109. You can find battery box bundle, charging regulators, wave inverters, and more products. Find communication gear, popular electrical devices for your car and garage, sensors, sound products, and similar in it.

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