JB Hi-Fi Logitech POP Series Sale 2022

Time to discover JB Hi-Fi Logitech POP Series Sale 2022! If you are tired of standard keyboard designs and want to spice up your working environment a little more, the Logitech POP Keys series is for you.JB Hi-Fi Logitech POP Series Sale 2022

Check out the Logitech POP Keys products. They stand out with their vivid color harmonies with JB Hi-Fi Catalogue. Let’s look at the features of the keyboard, which you will especially love the design of, and the design structure that will be talked about a lot!

Logitech Pop Keys and Pop Mouse

When we look at the design in general, we see a compact structure. On the keyboard, where there are no numlock keys, you can easily reach every point. The keyboard and mouse are the new parts of the awesome accessory series. They add color to the work routine, redefine personal workspaces with its retro look that offers three color options.

When we look at the structure of the key caps, we see a structure similar to typewriter keys. The keys are curved inwards. They are ideal and soft for comfortable pressing. When you look at the images, you will see a more oval structure. For more details, you can check out on page 6 of this JB Hi-Fi Weekly Catalogue!

Cheerful Emoji Keys on Pop Keys!

If we look at the layout of the keys, again Logitech POP Keys offers a functional design. The customizable emoji keys on the right, the functional FN keys on the top, the microphone and dictation keys, and the keys that switch between connected devices have a successful key layout.

In the design part, we talked about the emoji keys area. Logitech has also added customized keys that provide fast emoji use to the keyboard. These keys on the far right come as 4 emoji shortcut keys and 1 emoji menu key.

This is the part that I really liked. I like compact keyboards, but it’s usually a very ordinary build. RGB lighting is offered, but it has become commonplace for many keyboards to have this. Logitech POP Keys are a little more out of the ordinary.

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  • Logitech POP Keys, $99 ea (SAVE $30)
  • Logitech POP Mouse, $29 (SAVE $20)

Well, if you say that there is no shortcoming in design, there is. The keyboard has no backlight. It could be a fixed led lighting. But the fact that it is a battery-powered model already causes it to stay in the background in this regard.

Here, LED light is used as a point on some keys. There are Caps Lock key, Battery Led indicator, keys to switch between 3 devices, but we can’t say that it is a lighting. It’s more of a status light.

We don’t see mechanical switches very often on such compact keyboards. Brown mechanical keys are used in the POP Keys model.

Durable Designs

Another striking point for POP Keys is durable for 50 million keystrokes. The keyboard can be connected to 3 different devices at once. It is possible to run it on Windows, Chrome OS, macOS, iOS, iPadOS and Android.

This is where the keys we mentioned in the design part come into play. With these keys, which are considered as Easy Switch, you can instantly switch between devices. I think this is also successful in terms of functionality.

3 Years of Battery Life!

For this, a long usage test is required. But it is said by Logitech that up to 3 years of battery life can be offered. It will vary according to usage, of course, but if the duration is correct, it is an ambitious value.

POP Keys offers two separate connection options. As you can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, you can also connect via the Logi Bolt USB receiver. It can be preferred according to different uses, but the wireless range is important here. Logitech did not make a distinction and determined the wireless usage distance as 10 meters.

There are 4 different emoji keys that come out of the box. You can customize these keys via Logitech’s own software. You can also use your keycaps according to customization.

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