Kmart Catalogue Action Toys 27 Jun – 24 Jul 2019

Kmart Catalogue offers you a range of great NERF Blasters, Laser X, and Bakugan toys in the action part. There are many things you can do with these toys. They are both outdoor and indoor toys. Nerf blasters are so popular and you can back up some ammo for these blasters. One of the cool toys from this catalogue is X-Shot Regenerator. It can shoot up to 24m. Buy it for $39 at Kmart Catalogue this week. The prices are effective until 24 Jul. Bakugan toys are also very popular among toy lovers. Battle pack and arena are available. Save $4 on the battle arena.
Action toys are not only blasters and Laser X shooters. Browse the exclusive products like Hot Wheels car packs, raceways, and more. You can buy a very cool 6-lane raceway playsets. That’s an exclusive toy of Kmart toy sale catalogue. With the toy sale catalogue, you can also see craft products, activity sets, board games, books, and more.

More toy sale catalogues are available now:

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