LG Curved OLED TV 55EC930V Review 2017

LG, one of the most successful Full HD televisions on the market with curved design, comes with the OLED panel, which is being launched as TV technology for the future. Thanks to the OLED panel, the TV can produce much brighter and more vivid colours than LED-lit LCD televisions. This means a much more realistic viewing experience. The TV features exclusive Pixel Dimming technology for OLED panels. Thanks to this technology, the pixels are illuminated independently. This pixel, which does not need a common light or intermediate, can control its own brightness.

LG Curved OLED TV 55EC930V

So, on TV, real depth and tones emerge. Independent illuminated pixels also control their own brightness, helping to reveal real black and dark colours at the same time. The television’s impressive black colour level is perfect. 4 Color Pixel Technology to support close-to-true colours. Most of the televisions on the market have red, blue, and green pixels, while LG’s new TV also includes white with these colours.

By adding a white pixel, the television produces more accurate colours. The TV has a total of eight picture modes including standard, live, eco, cinema, sports, games and two specialists. With these predefined settings, it is possible to create the most appropriate image setting for your eye pleasure. The television with a special design offers an ideal viewing experience in a curved form. If you want to feel the best of the containment effect on the TV, you have to be in front of the screen and be careful to be at the same level as the screen. LG also supports 3D technology, which is forgotten by the emergence of 4K resolution televisions.

Two passive glasses in the box and two clips in the existing eye-catching filter showed a remarkably successful performance in the 3D movies we watched on television. Television owes a good 3D experience both to fast reaction times and to curved design. According to the technical details given, the reaction rate of the TV is faster than the LED TVs by a thousand times. Full HD TVs that have not lost their popularity with the quality of this television, OLED panel with 1080p resolution television on the market makes a difference.

It is a complete object of desire with curved and thin paper. With 4K televisions becoming popular today, this TV, which at first glance makes full HD resolution a prejudice, is wiping out all the prejudices with high image quality. With its curved structure, it is able to carry 3D pleasure one step further.

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