MSI Infinite A

Years ago, a gossip was circulating in the game world years ago, “Is the PC player dying?” but over time the PC market has seen an incredible growth with the spread of E-Sports in the PC platform and the fact that F2P games become much better quality. Of course, with the growth of the PC market, big brands came up with different products and players. Particularly portable gaming computers have captured a large part of the PC gaming ecosystem. But the real “hardcore” PC gamers still can not give up on desktop computers. On the other hand, the desktop player computers began to lose interest in addition to the collection systems over time. However, with the quality touches of giant brands like MSI, desktop computers have begun to take place again on the agenda.

MSI Infinite A

We will look closely at MSI Infinite A, the monster player computer that MSI has produced for you today. First of all, the first thing that attracts our attention in the kas is, of course, the design of the car. MSI Infinitea, which appears to be made from a very high-quality material, has a colourful look at the night with a lighted panel on the front. On the left side of the device, the motherboard is connected vertically rather than horizontally with a special apparatus, which is not affected by the general heat inside the pedestal and thus does not give a performance drop. Infinite can easily provide air circulation with front air inlet and rear exhaust fan. At the top of the cabin, the inclined side has a CD drive. At first glance, he asks if there is no disc drive in the car. If the design features are put in the nave, the case is quite ambitious with its hardware. Powered by Intel’s latest generation of processors Intel Core i7 7700, MSI Infinite is a powerful processor that can be easily removed from today’s and even tomorrow’s games. Until even the 8th generation Intel processors are presented to the market, we can say that the Intel Core i7 7700 is the best game processor. Intel’s powerful 7th generation processor is accompanied by 16 GB of RAM. The RAMs, positioned as 2 x 8 GB, are still on the same level as today’s games, just like the processor. On the memory side, the MSI handheld plenty of space and placed 2 TB of HDD in the case. Nowadays, while the size of games can reach up to 100 GB, we do not think anyone will have any objection to the extra disk capacity. In addition to the 2 TB of disk space, a 256 GB SSD is also added. You can easily put both your operating system and a few favourite games on the SSD. Of course, when the subject is a player computer, the most important internal component is the video card. MSI Infinite A features Nvidia’s Pascal-based GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card. At 1080P resolution, all today’s games are strong enough to play at 60 FPS at the highest settings, and even at 4K resolution, this card will perform well. On the video, you made for Infinitea and you can reach from above, you can also access game tests in different resolutions.

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