New Catalogue: Coles Christmas Food Sale 20 – 26 Nov 2019

Coles Catalogue Christmas Food Sale Nov 2019You can smell some of the products through this catalogue. They look that good. Coles Australian rump steak is a great example of that and its price will be $20 this week. When you open the catalogue you can spot 4 popular products at half prices. And there are many more as you go further through the catalogue pages. Coles Christmas sale is a promoted category in the first section.

Browse Christmas treats such as traditional chocolate designs and brands including Maltesers, Toblerone, Cadbury, and more might be interesting for folks who want to celebrate with classic treats. I think the half-price deals on these products can also be interesting for shoppers. But a more important part of that category is the ham selection. It’s probably the one of the oldest tradition of Christmas celebration all around the world. Hams are going to be in the front line this week at Coles stores. Have a look at these prices:

Even more products are being presented by the catalogue. You should see the dip sauces, ready meals by deli department, cheese, and similar items on pg 5. Moreover, you get to see a recipe and its ingredients on pg 6. With that Christmas tree cake recipe, you can serve 12 persons with a nice dessert. Togetherness is somehow superior to loneliness. But to achieve bringing people together, you might need some sweet material. Why not get that from catalogues like these which are full of savings and quality products. Consider buying delicious foods like these from this Coles Catalogue:

Coles offers deals on turkeys, too. There are many ways to cook it but probably the most popular way is to roast. And the catalogue has roasted turkey meat and whole turkeys on pg 9-10. But not only that, you have seafood, deli products, frozen meals, etc. there.Coles Catalogue Christmas Hams Nov 2019

Coles Christmas Trees and Decoration

Grocery and foods are not the only things find as the shopping materials of Christmas at Coles supermarkets. Christmas trees, string lights, Santa figures, gift sacks, gift wraps, and similar products are possible products in your shopping cart.

Coles Meat and Fresh Produce

Weekly shopping requires a quality range of premium meat including Spring lamb and beef. Coles happens to serve 100% Aussie Spring lamb for a good price. Seasonal products have always been popular among the customers of the major supermarkets like Coles. Also, see new season’s peaches, and bakery products like cakes.

New Half-Price Deals on Grocery – Pantry Products

Coles Catalogue Half-Price Pantry 20 - 26 Nov 2019Update your stocks of essential pantry foods like vegetable oils, pancake mix, canned goods, coffee, breakfast products, etc. Since the catalogue offers a lot of half prices, I believe you can make decisions quickly. According to the catalogue there not limit, too. When in the USA, you can see limits to some purchases especially when the deal is a coupon discount. I usually don’t encounter such bargains in AU.

Breakfast foods:

Ice Cream and Frozen Food Are Going to be on Sale

Shop ice cream variety of Magnum or check out the frozen foods that might be easy meals in your stocks. Lean Cuisine, Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizza, M&M’s, and more products are possible to spot in this part of the latest catalogue.

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