Nintendo Switch Review 2017

Nintendo’s new console switch, which changes the dynamics, is preparing to change the way you look at game consoles with both a desktop and a portable design. The first name that comes to mind when it is called console today is unfortunately not Nintendo. Nintendo continued to live quietly with its mobile-focused handheld consoles. Having a loyal player base with both games and consoles, Nintendo has announced that he will come with a mysterious console after his latest 3DS announcements. Obviously, we’ve been waiting for Switch for a long time.

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Obviously, we can not say that the dock is such a feature. The only function is to reflect the Switch’s screen on the TV. A dock without its own hardware is just a tool that turns your mobile console into a desktop console. We can say that your salon will not break the decoration because it has a compact and simple design. On the other hand, we should be careful when placing the Switch in the dock. Due to material preference, the edges of the dock are likely to draw the switch’s screen.

The key part of the switch’s power is the tablet. The Nintendo Switch comes with a 6.2-inch touchscreen LCD. At the top of the screen are an opening key, volume keys, input for the game cartridge, and a 3.5 mm headphone input. Yes, in 2017, Nintendo still uses game cartridges, but we do not complain about it a bit. On the contrary, there are negative aspects, but for us, it has been the right choice. The game cartridges are not the big cartridges we have used in 3DS. On the contrary, they are much smaller and tend to disappear. We will talk about the other part of the game cartridges later in the article, but let’s finish the tablet first. There are two loudspeakers on the bottom of the tablet, which is a railing system on both sides. When we turn the back of the device, the USB Type-C connection point comes with a stand-off stand and microSD card access hidden under the stand.

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As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Nintendo Switch is not an easy-to-describe device, unfortunately. The present ones are almost like a preview of what they can offer. The mode we prefer to play with our Switch is “hand console” mode. We tested the console with the Joy-Cons on the right and on the left, playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. First of all, let’s say that many users will be disappointed to hear the resolution of the device. The switch’s screen resolution is 1280 × 720 pixels ie HD. But that’s enough for the console. If you place the device on the dock and project it on the screen, the device can be up to 1080p.

If there is something I can say about the interface of the Nintendo Switch, how simple it is. Almost everything is under your hand and on the screen. While the games are positioned right in the centre of the touchscreen, the tapes, such as news, stores, settings, are immediately down. At the top left of the main screen are the accounts on the device. You can open multiple accounts for the device and save the accounts in different countries…

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