Optus X Lite Prepaid Mobile Phone $34 At Coles Catalogue Sale

Optus X Lite Prepaid Mobile Phone $34 At Coles Catalogue SaleThis product is unavailable online and the deal is valid with a limit of 1 only. You can save $15 on a simple but quality Optus phone at Coles this week. Coles Catalogue Optus X Lite prepaid mobile phone will cost $34 tomorrow. If you buy one $30+ recharge, you can get next two free when you purchase any Optus prepaid phone. Technical details of the phone are as follows:

– MMs, Bluetooth, FM Radio, 25 MB memory, and up to 32GB external memory on Micro SD.
– It’s compatible with 3G network.
– Camera is VGA
– Display is 2.4″ QVGA

A very simple, almost abstract version of the phone concept. But much cheaper than a smartphone or its contemporary and equal-level phones. $34 is a good price if you only need some calls and texting. You can also play music on this phone. Moreover, you can find more mobile deals on Coles Catalogue 11 – 17 Dec. Smartphones of Samsung and Oppo, Vodafone products, and more are there. If you want to shop for these products, you might want to go to pg 31 of the catalogue. Subscribe to the catalogue to get free emails about such deals. Optus X Lite Prepaid Mobile Phone is just one of the deals on the current catalogue.

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