Razer Deathadder Elite Review 2017

Razer is one of the first companies to come to mind that game hardware is called in the game world. Although the price of Razer products is very high, it is possible to consider this brand as the Apple of the world of gaming hardware. From smallest to massive keyboards, quality consciousness, the number one priority in every product, extends from the box of every Razer product you buy to your cable. Today we will examine Elite, the 2016 release of Deathadder, one of Razer’s most well-established game series. Razer’s most famous game franchise, Deathadder, which lasted until 2006, has undergone many revisions over the years, but never compromised its outlines. Despite having seen many models in the sense of design over the years, Deathadder has remained virtually unchanged and is now the number one choice for many professional players. Deathadder is a mouse that you can use for a long time with ergonomics and quality, and you will find us again with the 2016 Elite.

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First of all, I would like to talk about the differences of a mouse with the previous Deathadder model Chroma. It will be short because there is almost no difference between the two. Perhaps the only difference of the Deathadder Elite, which is the same weight as the individual, is the extra two keys on the top surface of the mouse. These two buttons can be programmed as desired, but DPI can be set as standard. 5 different DPI settings can be prepared via Razer’s handy Synapse software and can be effortlessly changed in the game. This is the only difference of Deathadder Elite from the previous Deathadder Chroma. However, the fact that Deathadder’s already successful performance does not change is not a criticism.

Nowadays, game mice are prepared in different shapes for different game types. For example, while some mice are successful in FPS games, some may perform well in MOBA. The designs of the mice are made with this in mind. This is a bit different for Razer’s new Deathadder model Elite. Because Deathadder Elite design helps you get successful results in almost all types of games. Another important feature of the Razer is the lightness and usefulness of the Synapse software. As one of the many game hardware companies using their own software, I liked Razer’s Synapse the most. While I can easily perform all the settings I want, the software did not put any strain on the system. In short, the performance of the Razer hardware is preserved in the same way on the software side. The keypad of the Razer Deathadder Elite is Omron, the world famous mouse key maker.

Using a mechanical keypad, Deathadder Elite has the fastest response time, according to Razer’s claim. It is also quite ambitious about durability. Razer Deathadder’s Elite’s click-through life is reported at 50 million. On the sensor side, the Razer is quite ambitious. Equipped with an optical sensor in the new e-Sports class, DeathAdder Elite supports a full 16,000 DPI. and 450 inches per second. Also on the resolution side, Razer claims 99.4% certainty, which is a record for game mice. Already the Razer Deathadder says that Elite is the world’s most advanced optical sensor on the sensor side. Our mouse has a simple design in a visual sense, as I mentioned earlier. The Razer’s 16.8 million color-backed lighting, with a spectacular elegance, especially during the evening hours, does not leak light anywhere and gives it a visual sense. Also note that in games such as Overwatch, the lights change dynamically according to your situation in the game, for example, when we die, Deathadder Elite shines in red. On the right and left side of the mouse there are lacquer-scarce textured sections. When we use Deathadder Elite, our head and ring fingers can slide comfortably on this textured surface. However, let’s just say that mouse is designed for players who use only the right hand. If you are left-handed, Razer Deathadder is not a suitable mouse for you. Another important point of the Elite is that the Palm Grip is suitable for gripping, so it has a design suitable for players who like to keep the mouse in the whole handful. Deathadder Elite can be a little big for players who love to use the mouse with their fingers. The final culmination of the review is that I tried the Razer Deathadder Elite with Gigantus, the Razer’s giant mouse pad. With the Deathadder Elite, this mouse pad, which made almost waltzes, improved my performance even when it was open. Even a player who uses the mouse as a Claw Grip, like me, succeeds in enhancing the performance, Elite can turn into a dead silage in talented hands.

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