Razer Ornata Mechanical Keyboard Review 2017

The Stealth version of the Razer saw the silent-focussed player keyboards, but the Razer also features a different keyboard in the Razer, aiming at the comfort-player with the Mecha Mebrane infrastructure and Ornata key fobs, a silky material. Now let’s start with the review of Razer Ornata! Black-green, familiar from the Razer, in the high-altitude box of the keyboard, the keyboard itself, the manual and the Razer logo paste. At the same time, the Anti-Ghosting keyboard with up to 10 keys does not have a macro or extra key but you can assign the desired macro to the key via the direct keyboard or Razer Synapse and the multimedia functions can be used with the F keys with the FN + F combination.
Razer Ornata Mechanic Keyboard Review

Unlike the metal surface of the BlackWidow X, Ornata has a rigid, non-rigid plastic body, the BlackWidow X V2 also seems to have made the Razer plastic back to the plastics preference, though the Razer side is quite durable, but the metallic feel was a bit different. I can say that as someone who used V1. I can say that in the form of a pillow, a really soft, artificial leather-covered wristband brings a different perspective to the bracelets on the player’s keyboards. Yes, but none is so integrated, it’s easy to stick with magnet structure, but not easily, nor does it slide right or left. The cable is covered with fabric, a fiber cable looks very firm, with a gold plated USB interface. There are channels to the right and left under the keyboard.

We see two legs on the top, the ends can be covered with silicon to prevent them from slipping on the wrist strap, the silicone heels beneath the wristband do not slide the keyboard. Razer is not specifically mentioned but the inside covering the entire surface seems to be resistant to liquid contact with the high shape of the key nests and the channels extending under the keyboard. The key caps are matt black, but they do not write, but they are available to hold dirt and dust as they are, and they are medium size with fast response. There are Mecha Membrane keys underneath which Razer has developed a crunchy sound profile. The Razer’s green keys are certainly not as vocal as the Cherry MX Blue or MX RED, but there are clear and sharp sound profiles, among the mechanics we call it quieter. It is not as quiet as traditional keyboards. Ornata is absolutely superior in terms of speed, which is what brings Ornata between comfort and fun. There is a hard, semi-transparent plate that holds the light under the keys and distributes it homogeneously, and one of the most successful keyboards that has been illuminated when the key bodies are transparent. Through the Synapse software, you can apply preset lighting effects such as breathing, reactivity, wave, star, or you can create different themes for different game types yourself. Voluntary and approved lighting themes can also be accessed via the Chroma Workshop, for example in the context of lighting compatible with Overwatch, the keyboard automatically switches to this theme when you open the game, the characters are selected, the talents are ready and waiting, the characters die and in many cases the keys are actively , they react with effects, as a player, the atmosphere is seriously strengthening.

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