Repco November Only Sale For Automembers

There is a lot going on at Repco stores. New price down, build series, and a new discount on spare parts for November only. It’s called “Show Your Card and Save”. Exclusive member offers are always something to consider. Some might find them annoying but in fact, they are what makes a store unique and worthwhile of visiting and shopping. Repco Catalogue has not been updated yet. There might be a new one before Black Friday. Save 15% off Spare Parts and 20% off everything else if you are an Auto Club member. You can save on these products from Repco November Only Sale:

  • Brake Pads 15% off
  • Brake Rotors 15% off
  • Air Filters 15% off
  • Oil Filters 15% off
  • Spark Plugs 15% off
  • Tools 20% off

Repco November Only Sale For Automembers

Repco November Only Sale Is Not The Only One

When you become a member, you can get more deals than these. 5% everyday discount, free gifts will be yours. Also, you can win a competition as the number one customer. Repco Oil Bonanza is also going on. Go to the main page of and see the oils. You can also check if the oil fits your car. Penrite HPR Diesel 10W-40 Engine Oil 10L-HPRD 10010 will cost 20% off.

  • Castrol Edge 5W-40 50% off
  • Valvoline Engine Armour 10W-40 Engine Oil 5L 40% off
  • Shell Helix HX3 20W-50 Engine Oil 5L 50% off

Many more deals like these are available at Repco. Subscribe for more deals like Repco November Only Sale. Remember Christmas is coming and more deals will be available in November and December.

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