Samsung Curved Monitor Review

Samsung has a lot of curved screens. After the curved TVs, the Korean company started to face up with curved screens on the monitor side, claiming that these screens will be the new kind of future. It may also be right, because on the game side in particular, players are always sympathetic to the multi-screens surrounding them to be closer to the atmosphere. It is possible to experience this taste more deeply with more than one curved display.

Samsung Curved Monitor 27-inch 2

The Curved model Samsung today will be called S27D590C with full code name. The 27-inch monitor offers full HD resolution with curved lines. Samsung’s Curved monitor, of course, can be a monitor not only for the players but also for the professionals. Samsung’s most striking point on curved screens is that such curved panes can offer more detail with less eye movement than flat screens. Curved screens that are thought to provide a more comfortable viewing experience when viewed in the eye also make it easier to understand the images on the left and right sides when you look at the center of the screen. We can say all about this model that Samsung has examined. In particular, the curved screen allows you to clearly see the difference when you first get across it, allowing the view to expand to the right and to the left. This is also a nice image.

The Samsung 27 “Curved monitor differs from the curved screen in that it adds to the design, and we can say it looks stylish with a brushed aluminium-plated plastic stand, but I prefer a metallic design instead of plastic at this point to make the monitor look more stylish. The screen can be tilted back and forth with an angle of -2 to +20 degrees. Let’s talk about the technical details of the monitor. The 27-inch LED-backlit display offers a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and a 178-degree viewing angle. So when you look at the screen from both the left and right side you can get almost lossless image. If the reaction time is 4 ms, the monitor means the players will like it. On the other hand, the screen with a static contrast ratio of 3000: 1 also supports Samsung’s mega-contrast ratio. The screen looks good with a brightness level of 300 candles, both white and black in good condition with saturation.

Samsung Curved Monitor 27-inch 2


Another question to ask about monitors is whether or not they have speakers. Samsung has a speakerphone in this model. The monitor, which has two 5-watt speakers on it, also provides adequate audio support. Let’s also clear the power consumption point. With a power consumption of 24 watts, the monitor can reduce it to 0.3 watts in standby mode. This shows that both values have a better power consumption than many counterparts. Finally, let’s look at the connection points of the monitor. There are enough points on the monitor for typical connections. These include HDMI, VGA, Display Port and headphone jacks.

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