Samsung DeX Review 2017

Samsung, along with DeX, makes it possible to convert the next generation of Galaxy devices to desktop PCs. With the familiar interface and the features it offers, can DeX professionals look for a solution to get rid of a laptop computer?

Samsung DeX Review 2017

Compatible with Galaxy Note8, Samsung DeX with USB Type C is the simplest way of converting your phone into a desktop computer. On this count, the user is freeing the computer to carry around when the doors of a more efficient work environment are opened.

When you push down the oval area on the DeX, the design turns into a stand where you can place your phone vertically. The phone is plugged into USB Type C port and is connected to DeX. Behind the DeX are two USB 2.0 inputs for keyboard and mouse, one HDMI for connecting the monitor and an Ethernet input for those who want to connect the internet. Of course, you also have to plug the device into the power supply. For this, a second USB Type C input is located behind the device.

DeX does not have any keys on it, nor does it need to be found, because everything is handled automatically by your phone. When you raise the device and bring it to the stand, you see the fan system at the back. We can say that DeX was a rational method that was designed to prevent overheating of the device during use. As a result, DeX is succeeding in being a space-saving device. But of course, users who are planning to move next to DeX must be sure that there is a monitor, a keyboard, and at least an HDMI cable in place.

DeX setup is as simple as you can in the next few seconds. You will connect the monitor or TV to the HDMI cable, and when you power up the device with Type C connection, DeX usage becomes ready. But if you think you can use any adapter like this, you’re wrong. When we tried different brands of smartphone adopters, we were not able to give DeX some kind of power. We could solve the problem with the Samsung Galaxy Book’s charger instead of the missing Galaxy S8 + charger when the adapter came out of the box. It is imperative that you have the right adapter on your side.

When you place your phone on DeX, the phone starts to charge and a notification appears on the screen. The device asks you whether you want to make a screen reflection or DeX. The moment you choose to start DeX, the experience begins. There is no need to stop charging because DeX also charges your device while using DeX. You can even use DeX as a stand-alone charger.

The interface that DeX monitors is pretty familiar. We can say that we have a look independent of the phone interface, not the computer interface. While there are applications you can use frequently on your desktop, there are also shortcuts of frequently used applications at the bottom. You can also adjust the speed of the mouse that you attach to the device. We preferred to increase because the initial cursor speed was too slow for us. On the other hand, if you have connected the DeX to the F keyboard, you are in for a surprise. DeX Turkish Q keyboard is running, there is no option called F keyboard. When you start typing on the keyboard while the screen is off, and Google search bar is enabled. On the other hand, it is also possible to open applications with keyboard shortcuts. In short, you use your phone through the monitor.

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