Samsung Galaxy Book Review 2017

Companies that have seen a decrease in interest in tablets in recent years are attracted to users with accessories such as keyboards and stylus pens that they offer on tablets. These accessories, which are usually available as optional accessories, can turn a tablet into a laptop computer.

Samsung Galaxy Book Review 2017

Technology enthusiasts who want to experience both experiences in a single device prefer these computers as hybrids. Apple’s iPad Pro, Microsoft’s success with Surface Pro 4, and the company have been selling Galaxy TabPro S for the past year. In 2016, we had a lot of interest, and the Galaxy TabPro S had a high rating. Samsung continues to do the same with Galaxy Book, a new hybrid computer that has been on the market for a year. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a computer with Windows 10 installed.

Samsung, who prefers magnesium alloy in the frame of Galaxy TabPro S, does not use the same material in the frames of Galaxy Book, unfortunately. From a distance, it is thought that the tablet is made of aluminium material, but when we take away the tablet and examine it in detail, we see that Samsung uses a plastic material in the new device.

At the top of the device the microSD connector is located on the right side of the device with power and volume keys and on the bottom two USB-C and headphone jacks. Let’s say a point we have criticized in the top and bottom speakers of the Galaxy Book. Using the AKG-signed speaker in the Galaxy Tab S3 introduced with the Galaxy Book, unfortunately, Samsung does not prefer this speaker in the Galaxy Book. Even though the speakers do not have AKG signatures, let’s say that the sound performance of the tablets is performing satisfactorily.

Samsung’s hybrid computer Galaxy Book is powered by the 7th generation Intel Core i5-7200 processor, the Intel HD 620 graphics processor and 4 GB of RAM. We put the features in an edge and tested the performance of the computer in applications we use daily. The Galaxy Book, which exhibits a smooth performance in transitions between the applications, is waiting for us. We have tested Geekbench 4 in popular benchmark applications that can run Photoshop application seamlessly. The last year’s Intel Core M processor Galaxy Tab ProS received 2.257 single-core performance and 4.451 multi-core performance. Galaxy Book’s scores from Geekbench 4 are 3.875 and 7.580 respectively.

The Galaxy Book, which has a stronger performance than the last year’s model, shows that Microsoft runs Office applications and games that do not need very high performance fast. Let’s underline that the machine, which performs well for day-to-day operations, is not suitable for editing video and editing high-quality photos.

Another remarkable feature of the Galaxy Book is its bright and vibrant display. The successful Super AMOLED screen we are used to from Galaxy phones and tablets is also being used on Samsung’s new hybrid computer. We were quite impressed with the display performance of the Galaxy Book.

Although the battery life of the Samsung computer is only 11 hours, we need to mention that it can not be approached when the brightness of the screen is brought to the end in the Galaxy Book. The computer, which offers up to 8 hours of battery life on average, supports fast charging technology, but the computer’s battery is about 3 hours old.

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