Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Review 2017 | Harvey Norman Catalogue Fathers Day 2017

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Review 2017You can find this product on Harvey Norman Catalogue pg 7. That’s the catalogue for Fathers Day 2017. When we looked at the previous models of the family, we saw two different screen sizes. The Tab S, which comes in two different models with 10.5 inch and 8.4-inch screen size, leaves its place to different screen sizes this time. In Tab S2, 9.7 inches to 8 inches are preferred. This, of course, also changes the viewing rate. While the Tab S2 to 4.3 image size is available to users, of course, both the capacity and models with Wi-Fi and SIM card are on separate shelves.

The Tab S2 looks quite stylish with its design. The tablet, presented with a plastic body, is very thin and lightweight. The model in our hand weighs only 389 grams. On the other hand, it has a thickness of 5.6 mm, which clearly makes it very thin. It is possible to say that this measure is lighter than Apple’s iPad. It is necessary to acknowledge that the fact that it is light is due to the plastic structure of course. But even though the back of the tablet is covered with plastic, the tablet framework is covered with a metallic material.

Although the Tab S2 has a plastic surface, the feeling it gives you in your hand is certainly not bad. Because the quality is not compromised and it is in your hands very well with its smooth structure.

When we look at the back of the table, we see two little dots here. These points, as can be predicted, are specially designed for those who want to use the Tab S2 with a keyboard accessory. On the right side of the tablet, we see the power and volume buttons. Just under the microSD card slot. Let’s also say that micro USB and headphone jacks are on the lower edge. In the meantime, the speakers are also placed on this side.

The display has Super AMOLED panes as can be guessed. The resolution is 2048×1536 pixels for both tablet models. In Tab S, the resolution was 2560×1600 pixels while the aspect ratio was 16: 9. In Tab S2, the aspect ratio was changed to 4: 3, which was accompanied by resolution. Obviously, we think that this aspect ratio is more accurate for a tablet. It is obvious that it behaves more user-friendly while browsing web pages. In addition to the super AMOLED panel, the Tab S2 offers a very sharp and saturated colour.

Under the screen, there are capacitive keys like the one we used in the previous model. One of these keys allows you to manage one of the other open applications while the back button is on. The physical button in the middle serves as a fingerprint reader. Even if you are having a hard time making fingerprints, you need to place your finger properly on the screen to unlock it.

When we look at the technical staff of the Tab S2, we can not see very large changes in the predecessor model. However, I also have to say that it gives very satisfactory results in terms of performance. The new tablet uses Samsung’s Exynos 5433 processor. We know this processor from Samsung’s Note 4 model. The processor, which consists of two different frequence working in the 4’er core, works at 1.9 GHz and 1.3 GHz frequencies.

We will not say that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 brings big improvements compared to Tab S, if we will. But with its varying dimensions, it can certainly be thought of as an alternative to the first model.

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